Atkins, Passover Haggadah

ex ch 1 v 10 whatever the reason the children of

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Unformatted text preview: srael in the 20th Century of the Common Era, of Jews from all over the world be a prelude to once again bringing the First Fruits in joy to a rebuilt Jerusalem. The children of Jacob (Israel) as well as Jacob himself driven by famine in the land went down to Egypt. Not willingly but by Divine advice. As mentioned before, the time was not yet ripe for them to inherit the land. Going down to Egypt they asked Pharaoh to allow them to live in the part of Egypt most suitable for animal husbandry, and as the Egyptians were tillers of the soil and certainly not at that time shepherds, the Children of Israel were granted their request and settled in the land of Goshen. There they prospered and vastly increased in number so that the "Land was filled with them" (Ex. Ch. 1 V. 7) they became so numerous that the indigenous inhabitants began to murmur about the "foreigners" in their midst. . , . : ¯ , , , . And he went down to Egypt compelled by the Divine word and he lived there from which we learn that Jacob did not intend to settle in Egypt but to live there for a short while, as it says in the Tora...
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