Atkins, Passover Haggadah

it once happened when rabbi eliezer rabbi yehoshua

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Unformatted text preview: t mix with the native population, wore different clothes, had different names, didn't intermarry with the Egyptians, didn't worship the native gods and had peculiar customs, in short did not assimilate and disappear. The Jewish people are different. No other people or religion were privileged as the Jewish people were, to come face to face with God at Sinai when His demand for us to accept His way for us was presented to the whole nation. Some three million people were present, (600,000 men on foot (Ex Ch. 12 V. 37) plus the women and children, must amount to some three million) and accepted by all of them for themselves and for us their descendants for evermore by the enthusiastic shout of “we will do, now tell us what to do ( Ex. Ch. 24 V. 7). No other people has the same food regulations, no other people observe the Sabbath as the Jews do. No other people have commandments directly from God. No other people have the commandment to study the Torah to the point where it equals worship of the Almighty, and no other people's destiny and way of life is boun...
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