Atkins, Passover Haggadah

the matzah that we eat why

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Unformatted text preview: ote our time, the most precious of gifts, to our family and to God. On to Mt. Sinai and the revelation and receipt of the Torah, and then the realization of the promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The entry into the Land of Israel, the Land in which the destiny of the Jewish People is to be played out and which we have fumbled time after time, until now with the establishment of the State of Israel we have another chance to fulfill our side of the contract. And finally the building of the Temple twice built, twice destroyed as a result of our own stupidity. What is the destiny of the Jewish people the Torah tells us in Ex. Ch. 19 Vs. 5-6 on the eve of receiving the Torah at Sinai God says to Moses “Now if you listen to me…. and keep My covenant you shall be a special people………and you shall be unto me a KINGDOM OF PRIESTS AND A HOLY NATION”. Moses informs the people of God’s words and they accept for the Jewish people for all times “all the Lord has spoken we will do” (Ex Ch 19 V 8) We know that all these things happened, and that they were all connected and contributed to our tradition and history and were all necessary. Why then do we say if ‘He had taken us out of Egypt that would have been sufficient, if He had organized us into tribes that would have been sufficient. With hin...
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