Atkins, Passover Haggadah

13 v 8 and that is precisely what we do on the seder

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Unformatted text preview: ah, it would still be our duty to tell the story of the going out of Egypt”. We are commanded "And you shall relate to your children on that day" (Ex Ch. 13 V 8), and that is precisely what we do on the Seder Night. As we recite the Haggadah during the Seder, we relate and recount to, and discuss with, the children and all those present, the story of our deliverance on the anniversary of the day the Exodus from Egypt occurred. If we examine what we say, we will uncover and unfold the whole story and purpose of the Jewish people, to serve God and obey His commandments, and thus to be a “Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation” (Ex Ch. 19.V. 6). And so thereby impart to the nations of the world the knowledge and acknowledgement of the Almighty as Creator and Regulator of the Universe and everything that is in it. However, the Commandment does not tell us what to say, or how to say it. To help us, the Haggadah, was compiled by the Sages and Rabbis many years ago. It has been hallowed by recitation throughout the ages and has been accepted by all traditions as the means of "Telling The Story" which is indeed what the word Haggadah means. It contains many allusions, quotes from the Bible and Talmud, q...
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