Atkins, Passover Haggadah

21 my journey through the haggadah by yekutiel atkins

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Unformatted text preview: the Hallel 3) on washing the hands prior to a meal, 4), on lighting the Chanukah lights, 5) on lighting the Shabbat and Festival candles, and 6) on making an eruv *** Maimonides says that offerings were a concession to the Children of Israel because the nations in ancient times among whom the Children of Israel lived, practiced animal and even human offerings to placate their gods. And God in the incident of the “Binding of Isaac” (Gen. Ch. 22) showed that He abhorred human offering. Maimonides goes on to say that God therefore limited offerings by confining them to one place, the Temple in Jerusalem. He goes on to say, in his “Guide to the Perplexed” (3:32) that Israel was to be led gradually and slowly to a deeper perception of religion and Divine worship. Abrabanel another philosopher and biblical commentator expanded on this and said, that the Torah limited offerings to one place, the Temple, while one could pray anywhere. 21 My Journey through the Haggadah by Yekutiel Atkins who offer sacrifices for the wrong reason c...
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