Atkins, Passover Haggadah

And for the one who does not know what to ask you

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Unformatted text preview: e has never left the site of the Temple throughout our wanderings waiting as it were, for us to finally fulfill our destiny. THE FOUR SONS We now come to the famous interlude of the "Four Sons (and daughters)". Four times the Torah mentions the duty of telling our children the story of the Exodus, (1) Ex Ch. 12 V.26-27, (2) Ex Ch. 13 V. 8, (3) Ex. Ch. 13 V. 14, (4) Deut. Ch. 6 V. 20. The Rabbis comment that these four references can be compared to four different types of characters that our children may represent. The Haggadah calls them, ‘the wise one’, ‘the wicked one’, ‘the simple one’, and ‘the one who does not even know what to ask’. Judaism does not expect blind obedience to laws and customs, obedience yes, but questions and discussions are encouraged. However, by answering our own questions we do not always get the correct answer. The way to get answers to our questions is by studying with an authentic teacher or by referring to traditional sources that have come down to us in...
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