Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Although it is man who plants and reaps it is the

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Unformatted text preview: el recently escaped from Egypt and the slavery of 210 years. The men, their wives and children, the old people and the cattle they had acquired in Egypt. In front of them, the large expanse of the Reed Sea, with the sun glinting on the water and a fierce wind blowing. (Ex. Ch. 14). Behind them the might of Egypt, all the war chariots of Egypt, six hundred of them crewed by the cream of the Egyptian army, the Elite Palace Guard. Behind them, the Egyptian infantry with their dreaded spears and bows and arrows all of this army temporarily being held up by an unseasonable swirling impenetrable fog. The Children of Israel crying out for succour, are told by God through Moses "Why are you crying to Me, go forward “(Ex. Ch. 14 Vs. 9-15) “What” they wail “into the sea?” The East wind has been blowing all that night, Moses at God’s command stretches out his rod over the sea, a lone figure Nachshon ben Amminadav, demonstrates his faith in God and in Moses, jumps into the water (S...
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