Atkins, Passover Haggadah

And yet all those engaged in the preparation of these

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Unformatted text preview: o responsible for its action as a Nation. As the Rabbis put it, "Every Jew has a responsibility towards every other Jew". (Shavuot. 39a) If any Jew neglects his responsibilities, the Jewish nation as a whole suffers. Performance and observance of the commandments distinguishes us from other religions and other peoples. Most other religions consist of a particular or series of beliefs and some sort of worship of a deity. The Jew is completely different. We have many commandments directly from God, which we are obliged to perform. For example, to a Jew, the payment of wages to an employee on time is not just the correct and decent thing to do but a direct God given Torah commandment. (Deut Ch. 24 V. 14-15) These commandments are further divided into three categories. The first category is called “Mishpatim” which is third in the wise son’s question. They are laws that all civilized people will recognize and which are necessary for a regulated and civilized life. For example, among them are the command...
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