Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Ch 12 vs 1 29 the israelites standing ready with their

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Unformatted text preview: hey were invincible. When Moses appeared before him asking him to allow the people to go, the very idea was ludicrous. The Egyptian economy was dependent on slave labour. Pharaoh had in mind much more building work for the Israelites in addition to the cities of Pithom and Rhamses. When Moses asked Pharaoh to let the Children of Israel go, Pharaoh laughed out loud Pharaoh’s word was law. He was the law. He was a god he and his people believed it implicitly. It is no wonder then, that when Moses and Aaron appeared before him and said, “The Lord God of Israel said let my people go” he laughed out aloud and replied “who is the Lord that I should listen to His voice to let the people go, I know not your Lord” (Ex. Ch. V. 1-3) He and his people had to be made to understand that the Lord God of Israel was the Master of the Universe and that it was His wish that the people of Israel were to leave to go to the Land which He had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give to their descendants as an inheritance. .Moses appearing before Pharaoh at God’s command told him of what would happen if he did not let the people go, all to no avail. Moses at God’s bidding...
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