Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Atkins Passover Haggadah

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Unformatted text preview: ker, Blessed be He". The commandment to love your fellow man as yourself is perhaps much more difficult. At its simplest it means that every action we do we should bear in mind how it will affect other people. Do we act selfishly, do we consider other people when we act in a certain way, do we take more of our share of scarce resources. Do we park our car where it infringes on some one else’s rights. Do we overtake on the wrong side? Do we disturb other people by making too much noise at night? Do we take advantage of those weaker than ourselves? In short do we act as Hillel said ‘do not to others what you would not have them do to you’? Most importantly, our sages say, it particularly applies to ones wife/husband. Do we consider her/him in our selfish actions? We should love honour and cherish her/him as much as we do ourselves. The first part of the commandment “not to take vengeance or to bear a grudge” is frequently missed when mentioning ‘love of our fellowman’. Rashi the most famous of biblical commentators says of these words, “if your fellow asks to borrow something from you, you should not say “last week when I wanted to borrow the very same thin...
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