Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Ch 15 v 26 that we all hope for the second son called

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Unformatted text preview: The mundane realm is the one over which we have some measure of control. It is the realm that reacts to our actions. We live in a society, so we make laws which keeps the society functioning. We work, we make things, and we destroy things, we marry, we bring up children and all the thousand and one things that make up our everyday life. Although we do have some measure of control of the mundane world, nevertheless unplanned things are constantly happening; sometimes we approve and sometimes are sorry about them, sometimes sad and sometimes happy. Do these unforeseen things happen because we act in a certain way without realizing the consequences or are they random events? We can also ask ourselves whether there are such things as random events. The third realm is the spiritual. It is something that we cannot see, unlike the physical and mundane worlds and only sometimes experience. It is completely ‘different’ and ‘separate’ from anything else. It is “THE separate”. This spiritual universe or realm is “Holy”. God is ‘Holy’ He is the fount of Holiness, because He is completely separate from both the physical and mundane world and yet at the same time somehow and we do not know with our limited human knowledge ho...
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