Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Ch 22 v 4 when jacob leaves his parents home to find

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Unformatted text preview: σσ σ σ σ σ . The following is an example of a typical type of Talmudic discourse,(Ber 12b) Rabbi Elazer Ben Azariah begins by saying, "I am like a man of seventy". Rabbi Elazer was 18 year old when because of his brilliance and vast knowledge of the Torah; he was elected as President of the Sanhedrin, the supreme Jewish court of 71. Of the finest intellects of the generation, he feared that his youth would have an adverse effect on the respect of the populace towards the Sanhedrin. The Talmud tells us that his hair and beard turned white overnight giving him the appearance of an old man, thus preserving the dignity of the Sanhedrin, that is why he begins by saying "I am like a man of seventy". Rabbi Elazer Ben Azariah continues by saying that he was never able to understand that we have to particularly mention the Exodus from Egypt at night (by mentioning it in the Kriyat Shema in the evening), until his colleague Ben Zoma reminded him that the Torah, (Deut. Ch. 16 V. 3), says ‘for in haste you came out of the land of E...
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