Atkins, Passover Haggadah

He has rewarded us rewards us and will reward us

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Unformatted text preview: ould take place without a 'Dvar Torah' that is a homily or lesson drawn from Jewish tradition and that is what transforms a meal in a Jewish home from a purely animal like satisfying of hunger to an acknowledgment of the ever present presence of God. This is not always possible so frequently we replace this by singing on Shabbat and Festivals "Shir Hama'alot". (Ps. 126). This has become so much a part of the Grace after Meals that on Shabbat and Festivals we include "Shir Hama’alot" even when a D’var Torah has been given. Many Haggadot do not therefore print "Shir Hama’alot" before the grace for the reason that the whole Haggadah is considered a D’var Torah. However there is absolutely no reason for it to be omitted and it should certainly be included. On weekdays we preface the “Benching” as Grace after Meals is frequently called, by reciting Psalm 137, "By the rivers of Babylon”. this psalm which includes the lament "We hanged our harps on the willow trees, How could we sing the praises of God in a strange land,...
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