Atkins, Passover Haggadah

However at the time of the roman persecution some

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Unformatted text preview: eople. The commandments referred to and which we have been commanded by God, in the Torah may be divided in various ways and into several categories. One way, is to divide them into positive and negative, that is, there are positive commandments, which we are obliged to perform such as putting on tefillin, and the negative ones, actions which we are forbidden to do, an example of which, is not to commit murder. They can also be divided into three other groups the first is, “Mishpatim” that is laws that all civilized people will recognize and which are necessary for a regulated and civilized life. That is not to steal or murder, civil laws, laws relating to business, taxes, driving restrictions etc. The next category of commandments are specifically for the Jewish people They are called “Aydot” that is they are a “witness” to God‘s special relationship with the Jewish people. They are concerned with the history of the Jewish people and their recognition that God is our God. They are the commandments relating to the festivals, Passover and the exodus from Egypt, Shavuot and laws of first fruits, Succoth and taking the...
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