Atkins, Passover Haggadah

I am the lord your god who brought you out of the

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Unformatted text preview: re to remind us WHICH THE LORD PROMISED TO GIVE TO YOUR FOREFATHERS", Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. "AS THE DAYS OF THE HEAVEN ON THE EARTH", forever. 3. The third and final paragraph begins, "AND GOD SAID TO MOSES, SAYING, SPEAK TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL AND SAY TO THEM, THAT THEY ARE TO MAKE TZITZITH", a fringe made from four threads folded over and knotted in a certain way, "ON THE four CORNERS OF THEIR GARMENTS, any garment that has four corners halachically require tzitzith. The Tallith which we wear during prayer and the small tallith which we wear usually under our clothing is a constant reminder of this commandment which itself is a constant reminder of all the other commandments. “IN ALL THEIR GENERATIONS, AND THEY SHOULD PUT UPON THE TZITZITH OF EACH CORNER" one of the four threads in each of the corners "A THREAD OF TECHELET”* colour. Techelet a colour of royalty. As the method of making the exact colour techelet is nowadays not known, we make all the threads white. *The method of making the techelet colour, which is a...
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