Atkins, Passover Haggadah

If i understand him correctly the great biblical

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Unformatted text preview: meaning. We say that God is ‘Holy’, the Temple Mount is ‘Holy’, the Sefer Torah is ‘Holy’ the Jewish people are meant to be “a kingdom of priests and a ‘Holy’ nation “ We are told to perform certain Mitzvoth and not to perform other actions because “I am Holy’ says God “and therefore you should be Holy” (Lev. Ch. 19. V. 2). There are three realms in the universe, the physical, the mundane, and the spiritual. The physical world is the world of physical science, of which some of us know more and many of us know little. The physical world is that which makes the universe go round. It came into existence at the instant of the creation of the universe. It is the world of atoms and radiation and forces, of the force of gravity and centrifugal force and much more. It is the reason that the earth, planets our solar system and others keep on their courses it provides us with light and the life force to grow our crops and ourselves. It is continuous and we have little or no control over it. It continues whether we are there or not. It is there for us to harness if we can and man is responsible for what he does with it when he does harness it. You can make a nuclear bomb or you can use nuclear fission to make electricity. The choice is man’s....
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