Atkins, Passover Haggadah

In eretz yisrael from passover spring to succoth

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Unformatted text preview: ast two, are the commandment to recite the Shema twice daily). "AND YOU SHALL BIND THEM AS A SIGN ON YOUR HAND", the Tefillin worn on the arm, "AND AS TOTAFOTH BETWEEN YOUR EYES", the Tefillin which are worn on the head. The Tefillin, square leather boxes containing parchment scrolls on which are written in four paragraphs, verses from the Torah (Ex. Ch. 13. V. 1-10, 11-16, Deut. Ch. 6 V. 4-9 and Ch. 11 V. 13-21) And then "AND YOU SHALL WRITE THEM ON THE DOOR-POSTS (Hebrew Mezuzoth) OF YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR GATES", this refers to the Mezuzah, which is fixed to the door-posts of the doors in a Jewish home. The Mezuzah, is a parchment scroll fitted into a case usually of metal, wood or stone. Written on it are the verses Deut. Ch. 6 V. 4-9 and Ch. 11 V. 13-21. One of the greatest thrills of a visitor to Jerusalem is to see the Mezuzoth affixed to the gates of the Old City. The Tefillin and the Mezuzah are to remind us constantly of our Jewish-ness and our duties and obligations as such. 2. The next paragraph contains the promise to the Children of Israel if they fulfill the Commandments "AND IT WILL COME TO PASS THAT IF YOU LISTEN AND PAY HEED TO MY COMMANDMENTS, WHICH I COMMAND Y...
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