Atkins, Passover Haggadah

In other words a very long time did the angels mean

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Unformatted text preview: guage is the means by which communication is effected between humans. Animals use some sort of communication between members of their own species, but when we speak of language, we mean the method of communication between human beings. It is only humans as far as we know at present that are able to communicate abstract thoughts and ideas to each other. When we speak, our bodies, facial expressions, voices, nuances, and the way we pause in our speech, make a difference in what we communicate. Punctuation makes what we say, mean different things. Even different inflections in our speech convey different information. There are hundreds of languages and they all have their own emphases. It is sometimes very difficult to translate an exact meaning from one language into another. In many cases the translator will convey his own understanding into the other language giving in effect his own commentary or interpretation1 The Bible is a case in point. The Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses in its original is written by hand in Hebrew on parchment using only consonants, no vowels and with no punctuation. The Torah scroll is meticulously copied by the scribe, each Torah Scroll is an exact copy of every other...
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