Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Is this then the typical call of a leader when things

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Unformatted text preview: n time but in the story relating to Jacob's daughter Dina. (Gen. Ch. 34). `Why did Jacob and his children go down to Egypt? It is only when we are blessed with hindsight can we understand that certain things that seem to be unconnected are really God’s planning which we cannot understand at the time they are happening. Some things that may appear to us to be bad or unpleasant often turn out to be in our best interests. The story as to why they did go to Egypt is narrated in the famous story of Joseph and his brothers as told in Gen. Ch 37 to Ch. 48. The whole of this narration leads eventually to the Exodus and Pesach. Jacob was told by God to go down to Egypt, he was most reluctant, but God said to him “do not be afraid to go down to Egypt” (Gen. Ch. 46 V. 3). Although Jacob was told by God to go to Egypt, it was not a command he had the free will to go or not to. After he was comforted by God, he made his decision. An important concept of Judaism is that we have ‘Free Will’ (Maim. Hilch Tshuv. 5: 1) that is we are at liberty to fol...
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