Atkins, Passover Haggadah

It is founded on a beautiful story about jacobisrael

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Unformatted text preview: Babylonians, by the Greeks, by the Romans, by the Crusaders, by the Muslims, by the Inquisition, in Pogroms by the ‘civilized’ nations of the world and by the millions of our people entering the gas chambers built by Germany, which considered itself one of the most civilized nations in Europe. It is recorded that Rabbi Akiva uttered these words as he died at the hands of his Roman torturers as they were shredding the flesh from his body with metal combs. "The Shema" is of such great importance that the very first discussion in the Talmud - the Oral Law, better “Oral Torah”, is, what time of the day should the Shema be recited. The Kriyat Shema, consists of three paragraphs from the Torah (Deut. Ch. 6 –V 4-9, Deut. Ch. 11V. 13-21 and Num. Ch. 15-. V. 37-41). A total of only 20 sentences, they sum up the belief and creed of Judaism, they set out our duty to the Almighty, the charge to teach our children, the commandments to wear Tefillin and to affix a Mezuzah to our door-posts. A promise of what...
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