Atkins, Passover Haggadah

It is indeed good to give thanks to you and to your

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Unformatted text preview: e opened the door, as it were, to invite Elijah the prophet in, while saying passages from the Psalms which modern minds may think controversial and not politically correct. It is a call to God to "Pour out thy wrath on the Nations who do not know Thee and on the kingdoms that do not call on Thy name, for they have devoured Jacob.(the children of Israel) and laid waste his dwelling place....etc." this is a quotation from Psalm 79 which was written in anguish after the destruction of the Temple with so many Jews being killed and many more taken into slavery. We have mentioned before the connection that Passover has with Tisha b'Av the day on which we commemorate the destruction of both Temples. The first day of Passover is the same day of the week on which Tisha b'Av falls. Through the ages this Psalm was indeed recited by many on Tisha b'Av. It is so full of the anguish that the Jewish people have suffered so much through the ages from people and nations and other beliefs that it is natural for us to want retribution to fall upon them. But note that the call is for God to exact this retribution in His own time and if He wishes. It...
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