Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Jacob was told by god to go down to egypt he was most

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Unformatted text preview: time keep her eye on the clock to make sure that she does not go over the time for the morning prayers That is why to the son who "does not know even what to ask", it is the mother who answers him. The mother’s influence on the child cannot be too greatly emphasized. Judaism understands this and has given into the hands of the wife and mother the responsibility of introducing Judaism at the earliest age to her child thus ensuring that the continuation of the Jewish people is in safe hands. ¯ , ¯ , , . One would think (that we could relate the story of the Exodus from Egypt) from the beginning of the month (of Nissan, the month in which we celebrate Pesach) the Torah however, says on that day (Ex. Ch. 13 V. 8) and because “that day” might be understood to mean during the daytime, the Torah continues “because of this” and I say that “because of this” means at the time when the Matzah and the Maror are lying before us. (The Seder night) , ¯ : , , : ¯ , . . , , ¯ . At first our ancestors (from after Noah until Abraham’s father Terah) worshi...
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