Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Most other religions consist of a particular or

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Unformatted text preview: ;. We now have a repetition of the commandment of Tefillin, this time it is in the plural as this paragraph is being addressed to the Children of Israel as a Nation. "AND YOU SHALL BIND THEM AS A SIGN UPON YOUR HANDS AND THEY SHALL BE AS TOTAFOTH BETWEEN YOUR EYES AND YOU SHALL TEACH THEM, the Commandments, TO YOUR CHILDREN AND SPEAK OF THEM WHEN YOU SIT IN YOUR HOUSE, WHEN YOU WALK BY THE WAY, WHEN YOU LIE DOWN AND WHEN YOU RISE UP". The constant repetition of the importance of teaching our children illustrates the primary duty and importance of education in Jewish life, not only for our children but also for each and every Jew. In the Ethics of the Fathers Ch. 1 V. 13. Hillel says "He, who does not add to his learning, diminishes it". The Shema continues "AND YOU SHALL WRITE THEM,, ON THE DOOR POSTS OF YOUR HOUSES AND YOUR GATES Mezuzoth SO THAT YOUR DAYS AND THE DAYS OF YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE PROLONGED UPON THE LAND if we remember and observe the commandments which the Tefillin and the Mezuzah are the...
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