Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Nowadays when much of the land is irrigated it may be

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Unformatted text preview: g from you, you would not lend it to me, therefore I am not going to lend it to you”. That is taking vengeance and is something we are not to do. If on the other hand you say “although you did not lend it to me last week nevertheless I am going to lend it to you”, that is bearing a grudge and is also not permitted. These few words in one sentence are an insight into the many moral lessons that the Torah provides for the conduct between each and every one of us. If one ponders, these words one must think how different the world would be if we followed what the Torah says about how we should behave to our neighbour. The Shema continues, "AND THESE WORDS WHICH I COMMAND YOU THIS DAY SHOULD BE ON YOUR HEART", the commandments are to be considered as being given afresh every day "AND YOU SHALL TEACH THEM", by constant repetition, "TO YOUR CHILDREN, AND SPEAK OF THEM, WHEN YOU SIT IN YOUR HOUSE, AND WHEN YOU WALK ON THE WAY, AND WHEN YOU LIE DOWN" at night, "AND WHEN YOU GET UP", in the morning, (these l...
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