Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Obviously sufficient matzoth wine and other foods all

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Unformatted text preview: ion means ¯ ¯ Through this Eruv may it be permitted to us to bake cook keep food warm kindle lights and do anything necessary on the festival in preparation for the Shabbat for us and for all who live in this city. Before the onset of the Festival the time of which can be ascertained by reference to a current Jewish calendar or local authority, it naturally differs according to the part of the world one is in, there are several things that must be prepared. Obviously sufficient Matzoth, wine and other foods (all with a recognized Hechsher) have been bought beforehand. One should use “Shemurah Matzah” (Ex. Ch. 12 V. 17) that is made from flour which has been ground from wheat that was supervised from the time it was reaped, for the whole of the festival “Shemurah Matzah” should at least be used on the night of the Seder. One should calculate that each participant in the Seder will require four to five sheets of machine made Matzoth or three to four of the hand made Matzoth. There should be sufficient ‘Kosher-for-Pesach wine or grape juice, for those who prefer it,...
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