Atkins, Passover Haggadah

One the written torah that is the chumash or

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Unformatted text preview: s of us. The Tzitzith which we tie on the corners of the large Tallith which men wear during prayers and the small tallith which is worn under our shirts during the daytime are, together with the Tefilin, a constant reminder to us of our obligation to obey the commandments. "SO THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR OWN INCLINATIONS AND YOUR EYES, to decide for yourselves which Mitzvoth one needs to obey and which to ignore, WHICH MAY LEAD YOU INTO FORBIDDEN TEMPTATIONS. It is all too easy to rationalize and convince ourselves that our own actions are the correct ones SO THAT YOU SHALL REMEMBER, AND PERFORM, ALL MY COMMANDMENTS, AND BE HOLY UNTO THE LORD. I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD WHO BROUGHT YOU OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT TO BE YOUR LORD; do not think you did it by yourself. I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD". The fact of the Exodus from Egypt is so important to Jews that we are commanded to repeat it with the "Shema" twice a day. Indeed many of the commandments are a remembrance of that uniquely important event in the history of the Jewish P...
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