Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Paradoxically phoenix like from the dreadful ashes of

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Unformatted text preview: nant Between the Pieces” (Gen. Ch. 15 V. 5-21) that his descendants would first have to live in a strange land become stronger because of their trials and then go back and inherit the Land as was promised. The fact that the people were exiled was part of the condition for inhabiting the Land "If you keep my commandments” said God then, you will have rain in its season and inhabit the Land etc. see the second paragraph of the Kriyat Shema (Deut. Ch. 11 V. 13-21). If not, "then the Land will cast you out" the situation is in our own hands. A contract is made between two parties; if one does not keep the conditions then the other side is not obliged to keep their part of the bargain. The establishment of the State of Israel is the third attempt by the Jewish people to inherit the Holy Promised Land. The outcome is entirely in our hands. Keep God's commandments, keep the Land. Disobey and ignore them, God forbid, lose the Land, it is as simple as that, as unpalatable as it sounds. Cover the Matzoth and raise the cup of wine . , . ¯ ¯ , ¯ ¯ And it is this promise that has stood by our ancestors and us for not only once ha...
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