Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Pharaohs eldest son the eldest sons of the courtiers

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Unformatted text preview: ed with highly developed complicated, bureaucratic forms of government. Beautiful buildings, monuments, and statues, abounded, the jewelry and other artifacts were of such high standard that we can only marvel at them today. Marble and ivory and gold were everywhere. Historians tell us that the Egyptians display and use of so much gold was vulgar even for those days. Bezalel, who was appointed to oversee the carpenters, the dyers, the weavers the embroiderers, and the workers in gold and silver who made up the team of artisans who built the tabernacle in the desert, (Ex .Ch. ..31 Vs. 1 – 5). Probably developed his talents by being influenced by the artisans in Egypt Pharaoh was the most powerful of rulers, commanding a powerful army. Six hundred chariots pursued the Israelites when they finally left Egypt. The chariot was the tank of those days drawn by three horses and with a crew of three, swords extending from the axles nothing could stand against them, together with cavalry and infantry, archers and spear-men t...
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