Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Surely god can perform miracles and with a wave of

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Unformatted text preview: the Universe, that their gods are no gods, and that will finally convince them to allow the Children of Israel to leave. (Ex. Ch. 3 Vs. 19-20). Why did all the Egyptians have to suffer because of the obstinacy of Pharaoh? The Bible tells us that God strengthened Pharaoh’s heart. Pharaoh considered himself the god and fount of all law in Egypt. There could not be anything greater than him. His obstinacy grew with each of the plagues. The ordinary Egyptians went along with this and as their European successors three thousand years later were, were enthusiastic in carrying out Pharaoh’s decree of slavery and worse, of the Children of Israel. An important concept in Judaism is repentance. We have free will but God has created the Universe with mercy as well as with justice. In the story of the Golden Calf where Israel sinned almost at the very moment that they accepted the Torah at Sinai (Ex.Ch.33 V.33-34), Moses pleads for mercy for the Children of Israel and in Ex. Ch. 34.V6. he calls on God with the 13 attributes among them being a God who is "Merciful, Long Suf...
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