Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Telling it it is soon going to be pesach allowing it

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Unformatted text preview: o in most cases runs the household. Although she should expect the help of the husband, it is generally speaking she who lights the Shabbat and Festival candles, it is she who runs the household and looks after the children, To her is given the miracle of birth, the bringing into the world of a human being. She is the one who in normal circumstances has the most to do with her child from birth onwards. It is she, who feeds the child, guides its first words and steps, wipes away its tears, kisses its wounds to take away the pain, and joins in its laughter. The mother is bound much more than the father biologically, physically, spiritually and mentally to her child Bringing up a family is a sacred task ordained by God at creation. It therefore follows, that if a mother is occupied with this sacred task, she cannot stop in the middle of feeding the children with their breakfast and getting them ready for school to put on her Tallith and Tephilin and to say the morning prayers at the proper time. There is another reason why women are exempt from positive commandments that are governed by time, and this has to do with...
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