Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The israelites being revolted by the egyptians

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Unformatted text preview: with Matzoth and wine and a festive meal is a Torah commandment mandatory on all Jews. It would be disgrace for any Jewish community to allow, any needy family, being denied the means by which to purchase the mandatory Matzah and wine (and other things). Kimcha d’pischa should be given to the Rabbi or committee or whoever is appointed to collect it, in good time before the festival so that the money or goods may be distributed before the onset of Pesach We continue this announcement, "this year we are here (in the Diaspora - exile) next year may we celebrate the Passover as it should be celebrated, in the Land of Israel, this year, we are as slaves, next year - free men”. This declaration is also made in the State of Israel, as even there, without the Temple, we are not able, to celebrate Passover in the way that it is laid down in the Torah. It is a sad commentary on modern times that there are countries in the world where we may not, or it is difficult, to carry out the tenets of our faith. There are some ‘enlightened and democrat...
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