Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The lord will increase you you and your children you

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Unformatted text preview: he Universe, the Almighty, our Father, our King, our Sovereign, our Creator, our Maker, our Holy One, the Holy One of Jacob, our Shepherd. The Shepherd of Israel, the good and beneficent King to all, who each day did good, does good and will do good to us. He has rewarded us, rewards us and will reward us forever, with grace, loving kindness and mercy and relief, success, blessing and salvation, consolation, food and sustenance, mercy, life and peace and all that is good, and of all good things may we never be lacking. . . , , . ¯ . . . ¯ ¯ , , . , ¯ ¯ May the Merciful One, reign over us for ever and ever. May the Merciful One, be Blessed in heaven and earth. May the Merciful One, be Praised through all the generations and be Glorified forever more, and Exalted among us for ever and ever, and for all eternity. May the Merciful grant us honourable sustenance, May the Merciful break off the yoke from our necks and lead us upright to our Land. May the Merciful One, send bountiful Blessings on this house and on this table on...
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