Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The talmud bavli which is the distillation of the

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Unformatted text preview: Lulav and dwelling in the Succah and all those relating to tithes, the recitation of the Shema, Shabbat etc. (Ramban. Deut. Ch. 6 V. 20) The third group is called “Chukim” and they seemingly have nothing to do with anything. They do not seemingly contribute to decent civilized behaviour, as do those in the first category they do not commemorate any particular historic event as do “Aydot”, and they only affect the Jewish people to the exclusion of all others. All these will be discussed later when we discuss the four sons. We have mentioned above the “Oral Torah”. There are two ‘Torahs’ in one, in Jewish Law and Tradition. One, the ‘Written Torah,’ that is The Chumash or Pentateuch, the Five Books Moses. These are complemented by the other written books of the canon, the Prophets such as Isaiah, of Micah and others. And the Writings, that is the Psalms, the historical books such as Kings and the Five Megiloth (the books of Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, Lamentations and Ecclesiastes). .In addition to all these written works...
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