Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The amount of wine or grape juice needed for each of

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Unformatted text preview: ich are commemorated by the 4 cups of wine, However some authorities consider that the BRINGING of the Children of Israel to the Holy Land is also a declaration of redemption and say that we need 5 cups of wine. To accommodate this, we have another full cup on the table which we call the cup of Elijah, who when he comes to herald the coming of the Messiah, will resolve all difficulties. We do not drink this fifth cup; some people use it to replenish the fourth cup after drinking the third one. The amount of wine or grape juice needed for each of the four glasses is at least 86 .c.c. or about 3 ounces (some say 146 c.c.). Most authorities agree that one should drink all or at least more than half this amount each time. Also needed are; The SEDER PLATE: this is a plate or dish which may be specially made, although this is not at all necessary, on which are placed the following; 1. ZEROAH. A roasted piece of meat usually on the bone of chicken or turkey or other piece of meat to symbolize the Passover offerin...
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