Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The basic premise is the acknowledgement of gods

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Unformatted text preview: the following Bracha over the wine. Let us now assume that when we make a Bracha, any Bracha, that apart from the constant presence of God there is a silent human bystander. The Bracha we make over wine is “Baruch ata a-donai elohenu melech ha’olam borei pri hagafen” Usually translated as Blessed art thou O Lord King of the Universe who creates the fruit of the vine 22 My Journey through the Haggadah by Yekutiel Atkins What we are in essence doing is announcing: “Baruch”. “I am (bending the knee) acknowledging * “Ata” “that You” “Ado-nai” “are our Lord” The bystander then silently says “Who is your Lord”? We then continue ”Elo-hainu, melech ha-olam” “Our God, King, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, (to whom everything and every one is subject)”. The silent bystander then enquires why are you making this announcement?” The maker of the Bracha silently replies “I am going to drink this wine and I am acknowledging that it is by God’s goodness that He is the One, who:- “Borei pri hagafen” “creates...
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