Atkins, Passover Haggadah

The choice is ours it turns out that it was only by

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Unformatted text preview: ham that his descendants through Isaac and Jacob (Israel) would inherit the Land of Israel and that his descendants through Esau, Isaac’s other son and Jacob’s twin brother, would inherit Mt. Seir, a region on the other side of the Jordan River in the present kingdom of Jordan and ends with his grandson Jacob and his family going down to Egypt. They were to live there until the behaviour of the Canaanites and the other nations occupying the Land of Israel at that time became even more depraved than they were so that they would merit being dispossessed. (Gen. Ch, 15. V.16). The question of why the descendants of Abraham went down to Egypt and did not inherit the land of Canaan immediately is explained like this. If the children of Jacob (Israel) Abraham's grandson continued to live in the Land of Canaan, would they have kept to themselves as a separate people, or would they, with increased prosperity, taken on the idolatrous and depraved culture of the surrounding peoples, become assimilated and intermarried with the inhabitants of the country. We see how easily it happens not only in our ow...
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