Atkins, Passover Haggadah

There are 6 other brachot which we make on mitzvoth

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Unformatted text preview: emple of old to satisfy that same ‘ego’? The prophets referring to the people ________________________________________________________________________________ V 8), * M'lacha is usually translated 'work' but this is not an accurate translation. One must learn what 'work' is not permitted on Shabbat and Festivals by learning from a qualified person **The Bracha we make when we perform a mitzvah starts, ‘Baruch ata ad-nai elo-hanu melech ha’olam’ and continues ‘asher kiddishanu’ who has sanctified us ‘b’mitzvosov’ with His commandments ‘vtzivanu’ and commanded, us for example, ‘al achilat Matzah’ to eat Matzah. The commandments make us Holy and separate us from the other nations of the world who do not have this concept of being sanctified by God’s commandments. Each time we fulfill one of God’s Mitzvoth to the Jewish people we as it were, advance higher in our endeavour to fulfill our destiny. There are 6 other Brachot, which we make on Mitzvoth which are not actually found in the Torah but which were ordained by our sages. They are 1). on the reading of the Megilla from a scroll 2) on the recitation of...
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