Atkins, Passover Haggadah

There are two ways of destroying us physically as

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Unformatted text preview: phoenix like, from the dreadful ashes of Europe arose the State of Israel. Jewish learning and life has attained a new impetus. There is more, deeper, and concentrated Jewish learning in Israel, America and even in Western Europe than ever before in Jewish History. However even after the dreadful Holocaust, the phenomenon of Anti-Semitism that seems to have no rational reason is still with us with no sign of it abating. The paragraph ends with, “But the Holy One Blessed be He saves us from their hands”. After every attempt to eradicate the Jews and “solve the Jewish problem” there are always a faithful remnant that go forward and rebuild. The question how these things can happen, or as many people say, can it be allowed to happen, is unanswerable by mortal man, except to say that man has free will and that evil men have the free will to indulge their evil ways. We have to be vigilant and on our guard and do our best to fight evil as best we can. When the Israelites were halted at the brink of the Reed Sea with the Egyptians terrifyingly chargin...
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