Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Therefore there were fifty plagues in egypt and two

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Unformatted text preview: left but before going, told Pharaoh that a bigger disaster was to befall the Egyptians, the like of which they had never seen before. At midnight the final crushing blow, the tenth visitation, The Death of the First Born. (10) (Ex. 11 Vs. 4 – 5). The first born who acted as the family priests suddenly died. Pharaoh’s eldest son, the eldest sons of the courtiers the eldest sons of the ordinary Egyptians even the eldest sons of the other slaves and captives and the eldest of the cattle that were holy to the Egyptians all died. Pharaoh finally realizing that a power greater than he, was punishing him and his subjects for their murder of the Israelites male children who he (or his father) had sentenced to be thrown into the Nile, his hard-hearted unjust treatment of the Jews, his hard-hearted intransigence, In terror, for he being the eldest son of his father was spared, and in grief over the death of his son, at last gave in and shrieked “Send them away, send them away!” In the meantime, Moses tells the Israelites, to prepare for leaving Egypt but before that to make ready the Passover offering. They were to kill a lamb or goat in defiance of t...
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