Atkins, Passover Haggadah

These differences have certainly contributed to the

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Unformatted text preview: in the language of men and that language refers to that, which men are aware of in their own experience. Language cannot convey an idea or a concept of which we have no experience or conception. Language also has nuances, which can mean different things to different men. Some, according to their nurture and nature and various other attributes can see and perhaps understand, in the written word or in speech things that others cannot. So, if we say that the Bible is written in the language of men, different men can ‘see’ what they read in different ways. And that of course is what the commentators of the Bible do. They bring to others, their concepts, ideas, and understanding of what the Bible means. The most famous of commentators Rashi, R. Shlomo ben Itzchaki (it is virtually impossible to study Torah or Talmud without the help of his commentary) lived in France at the time that William was conquering England. In his famous comment on the Creation, Rashi asks why does the Torah begin with the Creation and not with the first Mitzvah that is...
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