Atkins, Passover Haggadah

This cup is counted as the first of the four cups

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Unformatted text preview: e it is our fervent hope that the girls would follow the example set by the Four Matriarchs of the Jewish people. The meaning of the word Seder is ‘Order’ and everything done on the Seder night is in a traditional ‘order’ as laid out in the Haggadah. These are listed in the Haggadah and recited or sung by some people prior to the recital of the Haggadah. Instructions are printed in the Haggadah as to when all these take place.. 1. KIDDUSH. A blessing over a cup of wine, making mention of the Sanctity of the Festival of Pesach. We make Kiddush that is we sanctify the holiness of the day, over wine on every Shabbat and Festival. This cup is counted as the first of the four cups, which we drink on the Seder night. 2. WASHING The hands. Prior to eating the Karpas, a small piece of vegetable (celery, boiled potato, cucumber etc.) 3. KARPAS Is dipped in salt water, a blessing made prior to being eaten by all present. The amount of the Karpas should be less than 24 Grms. 4. DIVISION The middle one of...
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