Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Tosefothpes ch 2 this is done as follows one locks

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Unformatted text preview: should be careful with the chametz at the morning meal which should be finished at the time when we are to stop eating the chametz. The rest of the chametz is disposed of. Because we may not own any chametz over Passover and people may be reluctant to dispose of valuable chametz items such as, bottles of whisky, liqueurs, and canned products etc, the Rabbis instituted a special procedure called "selling the chametz". (Tosefoth–Pes Ch. 2). This is done as follows, one locks away, or sets aside a cupboard in which all the chametz to be sold is placed and sealed. During the week or so before Passover, a declaration of this chametz is made to the local Rabbi who becomes your agent. He in turn sells your chametz to a non-Jew. After Pesach the non-Jew does not take up the option of the purchase and the goods revert to the previous owner*. This transaction is complicated and must be legal in every respect and therefore should ONLY be done through a recognized Rabbinical authority. _____________________________________________________________________________________...
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