Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Two are the tablets of the covenant one is our god in

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Unformatted text preview: ¯ You judged the King of Gerar (Avimelech) in a dream by night You frightened the Aramean (Laban) in the dark of night Israel (Jacob) fought an overcame the angel at night And it happened at midnight , ¯ , , ¯¯ You crushed the Egyptian firstborn in the middle of the night They did not find their hosts when they rose at night You swept away the army of the prince of Charosheth (Sisera) by the stars of the night And it happened at midnight , , , , 88 My Journey through the Haggadah by Yekutiel Atkins The blasphemer (Senacherib) had planned to raise his hand against the Temple, You laid low his corpses by night The idol Bel and its’ watchmen were overthrown in the darkness of the night To the beloved man (Daniel) the secret vision was revealed at night And it happened at midnight , ¯ , , ¯ The drunkard (Belshazar) who drank from the sacred vessels, was killed on that very night The one saved from the lions’ den (Daniel) interpreted the meaning of the terrors of the night the Agagite (Haman) bore hatred i...
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