Atkins, Passover Haggadah

When israel left egypt the house of jacob from a

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Unformatted text preview: eir shoulders, as there was no time to bake ordinary bread and that the dough on their shoulders became baked in the hot sun producing Matzoth*. This is a nice story but is not what the Bible tells us is what actually happened. Bread in ancient times was not made with yeast as it is today, rather the flour and water mixture was left for 24 hours or more when the natural yeast’s in the air caused the dough to rise or leaven. It was kneaded in kneading troughs, which had a residue of leaven from the previous bread making, this residue in turn helped to leaven the new batch of dough. This method is still used today in making "sourdough" bread. and was not the result of an accident. A reference to the Scriptures shows that it was not the dough that was carried on the shoulders of the Israelites but the kneading troughs, (another meaning may be, the Matzoth wrapped in cloth) ( Ex.Ch.12.V.34). With the kneading troughs on their shoulders the new dough did not receive the leaven and was also baked in a hurry in accordance with God’s wishes So eating Matzah on Pesac...
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