Atkins, Passover Haggadah

Wine which is an important part of our lives in that

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Unformatted text preview: otah. 37a) which is now being piled up by the wind. A few daring souls follow him, the water recedes further, more people follow. The water continues to recede and more and more people follow on the now exposed sea bed crossing the whole expanse of the Reed Sea, which has now been miraculously revealed. At last all the people have reached the other side, the fog lifts, and the Egyptians seeing the Israelites in the distance take no heed of the water piled up and charge into the now muddy bed of the sea. The mud makes for difficult going. The wheels of the chariots become trapped, many come off their axles. No amount of pushing seems to get the chariots moving again meanwhile more and more chariots are piling up behind, with the infantry crowding on behind pushing and shoving. Suddenly the wind drops and the sea begins to return to its place slowly at first and then with a devastating tidal wave. The sea rushes in covering the struggling army and the chariots, the men loaded down with their armour, sink like 'lead into the depths' (Ex. Ch. 15 V 10). Nothing to be seen of the great Egyptian army except a few wooden arrows and spears floating on the turbulent waters. Silence, the mighty Egyptian army is no more, the immediate danger is passed. Moses lifts his voice in song and in triumph and thanksgiving to...
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