Atkins, Passover Haggadah

You unto you it was shown that you might know that

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Unformatted text preview: stretches his staff to the heavens. Calamity after calamity fell upon the Egyptians. Plague after plague (Ex Ch 7 V 14 to Ex. Ch 10 V 29) descended upon them, at first to the Egyptian man in the street, they seemed to be natural disasters. The Nile turned a Blood red (1) and all the fish died, so they were not there to eat Frog (2) spawn and frogs abounded, invading the Egyptians dwelling places. The frogs found little to eat so they died and from their carcasses arose clouds of Gnats (3) and other stinging insects. Wild animals .(4) became bold and entered the cities attacking whoever they could.. Cattle became sick (5) and the people eating the cattle came out in Boils. (6) the And still Pharaoh not believing that these plagues were the result of his not listening to God, and were directed at him, still refused to allow the people to go. And all the time the Hebrews living in Goshen near the Nile Delta were somehow free of all these visitations Then the country suffered severe Hail storms and lightn...
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