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Unformatted text preview: Analyze Improve Improve Control Control 26 What Makes it Work? Successful Successful implementations characterized by: Committed Committed leadership Use Use of top talent Supporting Supporting infrastructure Formal Formal project selection process Formal Formal project review process Dedicated Dedicated resources Financial Financial system integration Project-byProject-by-project improvement strategy (borrowed from Juran) The Process Improvement Triad: DFSS, Lean, and DMAIC OVERALL PROGRAMS DFSS Lean DESIGN PREDICTIVE QUALITY INTO PRODUCTS ELIMINATE WASTE, IMPROVE CYCLE TIME ELIMINATE DEFECTS, REDUCE VARIABILIT Y Robust Lead-time Capable Design for Six Sigma • • • • Requirements allocation Capability assessment Robust Design Predictable Product Quality DMAIC LEAN • • • • • Flow Mapping Waste Elimination Cycle Time WIP Reduction Operations and Design Variation Reduction • • • • • Predictability Feasibility Efficiency Capability Accuracy The “I” in DMAIC may become DFSS 27 DFSS Matches Customer Needs with Capability Mean and variability affects product performance and cost Designers Designers can predict costs and yields in the design phase Consider mean and variability in the design phase Establish Establish top level mean, variability and failure rate targets for a design Rationally Rationally allocate mean, variability, and failure rate targets to subsystem and component levels Match Match requirements against process capability and identify gaps Close Close gaps to optimize a producible design Identify Identify variability drivers and optimize designs or make designs robust to variability Process capability impact design decisions Decisions in DFSS 28 Lean Focuses on Waste Elimination A set of methods and tools used to eliminate waste in a process Lean Lean helps identify anything not absolutely required to deliver a quality product on time. Benefits of using Lean Lean Lean methods help reduce inventory, lead time, and cost Lean Lean methods increase productivity, quality, on time delivery, capacity, and sales DMAIC Solves Problems by Using Six Sigma Tools DMAIC DMAIC is a problem solving methodology Use Use this method to solve problems: Define Define problems in processes Measure Measure performance Analyze Analyze causes of problems Improve processes, Improve processes, remove variations and nonvaluenonvalueadded activities Control Control processes so problems do not reocccur reocccur 29 Six Sigma DMAIC DMAIC is closely related to the Shewhart cycle (variously called the Deming cycle, or the PDCA cycle) Quality Costs 30 A Word of Wisdom “Defects “Defects are not free. Somebody makes them, and somebody gets paid for making them” 31...
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