Edu ta and ta office hours to be announced codelab

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Unformatted text preview: TA and TA Office Hours: To Be Announced CodeLab All students are required to pay for access to CodeLab, which is a set of online programming exercises designed to improve their Java programming proficiency. Students will be assigned biweekly problem sets drawn from CodeLab. To register for CodeLab, visit and enroll using the section code provided in lecture. Grading Policy Course grades will be based on a combination of four programming homework assignments (totaling 20%), a final programming project (10%), five CodeLab problem sets (15%), two computer-based midterm exams (15% each), and a computer-based final exam (25%). Each assignment contributes points to a student’s final grade; there are 500 points available in all. The number of points earned at the end of the semester will determine the student’s final letter grade. See the course Web page for the conversion table. All grades will be posted on Blackboard. Please note that late assignments will NOT be accepted for grading, except in very rare cir...
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