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Unformatted text preview: on a regular basis, or making sure they forward their Stony Brook mail to a personal email account (Google Apps users only). Policy on Electronic Devices in Class Students are encouraged to bring laptops and tablet devices to class for note-taking purposes only. All communication and entertainment devices should be silenced or (preferably) turned off for the duration of the class unless otherwise directed by the instructor. No electronic devices of any sort may be consulted or used during exams, with the exception of the computers in the exam room; this will be considered an instance of academic dishonesty, and will be treated as such. Course Calendar Week Starts Topic(s) Notes/Due 1 1/27/14 Java vs. Processing, Basic Concepts 2 2/3/14 Control Structures, Strings CodeLab 1 due 2/7 2/7: last day to add/drop classes without a 'W' 3 2/10/14 Methods Homework 1 due Friday, 2/14 4 2/17/14 Arrays CodeLab 2 due 2/21 5 2/24/14 Exam review, Midterm 1 (2/27) 6 3/3/14 Object-oriented design, Classes Homework 2 due Monday, 3/3 No class Thursday, 3/6/14 (instructor out of town) 7 3/10/14 Advanced Objects: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes, Interfaces CodeLab 3 due 3/14 8 3/17/14 9 3/24/14 Exception-handling Homework 3 due Friday, 3/28 10 3/31/14 Exam review, Midterm 2 (4/3) CodeLab 4 due 4/4 Spring Break 4/4: last day to drop courses 11 4/7/14 Text I/O, Linked lists 12 4/14/14 GUI basics, Graphics in Java 13 4/21/14 Event-driven programming, GUI components 14 4/28/14 Recursion 15 5/5/14 Binary I/O, other topics as time permits Homework 4 due Friday, 4/18 CodeLab 5 and programming project due Friday, 5/9 Reading assignments will be posted on the course Web page and Blackboard as the semester progresses. Final exam date: Tuesday, May 20, 11:15 AM–1:45 PM (Location TBA)...
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