Kyrie from missa pange lingua ca 1515

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Unformatted text preview: iddle) Example of ImitaRon Let’s look at another example… Example of ImitaRon No/ce: each line starts on a different note, UNLIKE “Row, row, row your boat” E E F E A A B A Example of ImitaRon No/ce: the “distance of imitaRon” is 3 beats Example of ImitaRon Let’s try singing the beginning of this together… Example of ImitaRon We call the musical idea that is imitated, the subject… Example of ImitaRon No/ce: the two voices begin in imitaRon, then go their separate ways… Additional Musical Terms •  •  •  •  Soprano: higher, lighter woman’s voice Alto: darker, lower woman’s voice Tenor: lighter, higher men’s voice Bass: darker, lower men’s voice Josquin Des Prez or “Josquin” •  Ca. 1440 ­1521 •  Flemish composer (northern Belgium) • ...
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